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Municipal Associates LLC

Air Valves, Sewer Repair Couplings, Grade Rings, PVC Pipe

Municipal Associates was founded in 2002 to represent manufacturers of underground water and sewer products to the municipal infrastructure market.  


Innovative products requiring market introduction and specification efforts have contributed significantly to the sustainability of the company.  This is complemented with 30 years of experience representing manufacturers of PVC pipe through local water and sewer distributors.  We understand what is expected by both the manufacturer we represent, and the client we are serving, whether it be the designer, owner, distributor, or contractor.   

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Mike Killian

Mike Killian started Municipal Associates in 2002 after 13 years at another rep agency in the water and sewer industry.  Based in Columbus, the area served includes Ohio, MI, and Northern KY.  The focus has never been on the quantity of the manufacturers represented by Municipal Associates, but on the quality of the manufacturers represented.  


We appreciate the opportunity to represent the following manufacturers.   

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